Sunday, November 8, 2009

We have a new name..... and a brandnew website


There have been lots of changes lately. We have changed the name of our business from Isandla Paper to Lucy & Isa. Isandla means "handmade" in Xhosa and the reason why we chose this name at the time of the creation of our business was that it best described our work. But it is a very common word often used in South-Africa and we were looking for a more distinguished and easy to remember name. Lucy and Isa are the names of two designers creating those beautiful cards ( me and my crazy ginger cat).

And we have a brand new website www.lucy& with the coolest new designs and an online shop that is linked to Paypal as well.

For our new range we fashion vintage montage cards of epherma that we hope will put a smile on your face. Our creations come from our vast and diversified archive that we have established over the years. With this new collection we have started realizing a project that has been in our minds since a long time.

The cards are perfect for any age and any occasion. Our designs make wonderful and personal gifts for your friends and loved ones and for yourself.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chocolates for breakfast

New greeting card, made from handmade paper using a scan of a paperback cover. 2009 Range

Gift bag for a baby shower made from a vintage sewing pattern. 2009 Range

What inspires me !

Everywhere around me in the objects of daily life I find inspiration. I find inspiration in things that have been designed by others before me. I admire the design of advertising in the 1950's. This is a box for miniature birthday cake candles produced in the 1950's in South Africa. I like the colour combination and the rather minimalist design.

AND this,..... well this is GI Joe. An action figure from 1964 produced in the USA, really collectable today.With completely moveable limbs. But his face of so real and naturalistic.

Colours, Colours.... Colours

A set of " Original " Tupperware Ice teas spoons, totally funky and cool design.Love them

Vintage buttons from 1940 with a metal shink in a really naughty pink.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The latest addition to the household. Moses new-born son of Cornelia.


Two of the new greetings-cards of the Isandla- Paper range of 2009.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Zip Card

This is one of my coolest designs. I managed to sew a zip to the card. It openes and closes perfectly and is ideal for a gift voucher.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

As subtle as a flower

I wish for my paper creations that they become as beautiful as this flower that appeared over night in my garden. Impressions like these inspire me.

I had a paper- shop in a small art gallery in the center of my town where I was selling the Isandla Paper range. But the owner rented the place out and it became a chinese restaurant.

We have been busy since then to renovate some old store rooms and turn them into a sort of showroom combined workshop. This is how it looks like, all very retro, eclectic - but it turned out nice.

Looking good on the shelves - the new cards

Paper as subtle in color as a beautiful flower

Some of the things I work with, sea urchins, nails, buttons, drift wood.

And to my greatest delight I found a real cool 1950's display cabinet in a junk shop that has been waiting just for me and that has been dying to accomodate Isandla Paper bags.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Cards are the items I enjoy making the most. Each one is a small piece of art-work. The handcrafted recycled paper is always the basis. But I enjoy playing around with different types of materials - like this card.
For the circle plastic cottage-cheese lids of different colors are used. People have started collecting the plastic lids and I fetch from their house when there is a sufficient quantity.

There are four layers of circles.

Making the handcrafted paper can sometimes be a little bit messy and labourious. But decorating the cards with the discarded items and the material that has been donated to us is the fun part of it.This card has been decorated with pipe-cleaners.

Actually my father's pipe cleaners.

A very popular card is the Schweppes card making use of carefully removed plastic adverts of Schweppes soda water bottles decorated with glitter.

The Schweppes card is a very popular one making use of carefully removed plastic adverts from Schweppes Soda water bottles.

A classical one on white paper with an elegant green handpainted leave and a green satin ribbon.

Rusty nail cards..................... have grown in popularity among the male population. Yes it can be used as a valentines card as well.

Never fails to make an impact.......or to transmit a message

The ice stick a happy card as well

It takes a lot of work to make this card. A gold thread is sewn onto the card from the inside.

From the '' Happy Accountant " range. No explanation needed I think.

The shell range is one of my best-sellers.

All sorts of farbric off-cuts that I get from fabric factories or from fabric shops are used to decorate the cards.

Sea shells from the beautiful south-african beaches

A sea -urchin..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New collage bags for 2009

Small gift bag with vintage -tie decoration Small gift bag with fabric, buttons and other recycled materials

Tha happy accountant bag

The Palmolive bag with ice sticks, handmade paper and Palmolive advert

The dangers of smoking bag

Fabric, shoe-laces, shells and smoking advert

This bag makes use of a lot of different type of materials like cottage cheese lids, hairpins, pieces of haircurlers, buttons and fabric.


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