Sunday, January 25, 2009


Cards are the items I enjoy making the most. Each one is a small piece of art-work. The handcrafted recycled paper is always the basis. But I enjoy playing around with different types of materials - like this card.
For the circle plastic cottage-cheese lids of different colors are used. People have started collecting the plastic lids and I fetch from their house when there is a sufficient quantity.

There are four layers of circles.

Making the handcrafted paper can sometimes be a little bit messy and labourious. But decorating the cards with the discarded items and the material that has been donated to us is the fun part of it.This card has been decorated with pipe-cleaners.

Actually my father's pipe cleaners.

A very popular card is the Schweppes card making use of carefully removed plastic adverts of Schweppes soda water bottles decorated with glitter.

The Schweppes card is a very popular one making use of carefully removed plastic adverts from Schweppes Soda water bottles.

A classical one on white paper with an elegant green handpainted leave and a green satin ribbon.

Rusty nail cards..................... have grown in popularity among the male population. Yes it can be used as a valentines card as well.

Never fails to make an impact.......or to transmit a message

The ice stick a happy card as well

It takes a lot of work to make this card. A gold thread is sewn onto the card from the inside.

From the '' Happy Accountant " range. No explanation needed I think.

The shell range is one of my best-sellers.

All sorts of farbric off-cuts that I get from fabric factories or from fabric shops are used to decorate the cards.

Sea shells from the beautiful south-african beaches

A sea -urchin..

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