Sunday, February 15, 2009

As subtle as a flower

I wish for my paper creations that they become as beautiful as this flower that appeared over night in my garden. Impressions like these inspire me.

I had a paper- shop in a small art gallery in the center of my town where I was selling the Isandla Paper range. But the owner rented the place out and it became a chinese restaurant.

We have been busy since then to renovate some old store rooms and turn them into a sort of showroom combined workshop. This is how it looks like, all very retro, eclectic - but it turned out nice.

Looking good on the shelves - the new cards

Paper as subtle in color as a beautiful flower

Some of the things I work with, sea urchins, nails, buttons, drift wood.

And to my greatest delight I found a real cool 1950's display cabinet in a junk shop that has been waiting just for me and that has been dying to accomodate Isandla Paper bags.

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