Friday, February 5, 2010


Ben Hur Upcycled Stationery Set consisting of envelopes and cards

We also have a range of beautiful upcycled stationery sets made from unique vintage paper Epherma. The sets consist of envelopes with matching cards.

This set of 10 envelopes was made from the pages of the famous classical children's book BEN HUR.

The envelopes measure 4,5" x 6,5" perfect for a thank you note.
It comes with matching flat baby blue note cards of 160 mg paper weight.

The envelopes will come with adhesive so they can be sealed. 

Each one of these handmade envelopes is individually hand cut from a vintage children's book from the 1960's has a different pattern and design and is one of a kind.

This set and others are available in my Etsy Shop: Chocolat Negro Recycled Design and Art

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