Saturday, May 8, 2010


The Flamboyant is an amazing tree. Not only does it produce a dense and spectacular crown of bright orange and red flowers in spring time. 
But it's seeds are contained and protected in a long, hard and darkish brown cocoon consisting of two halves that open when it is time to release the seeds. 

They look like this and they can reach a length of over 60 to 70 cm .

This tree is so much part of our South-African natural landscape like a birch tree in Europe. They grow everywhere - in gardens and in the wild.

And this is what I use the seeds for. In my work I use a lot of beads and the seeds-halves are perfect bead organizers. 

Perfect by nature.

Their shape is slightly bend and round. 
The empty elongated spaces were the seeds were resting before can contain several beads each and it is easy to color code them for a special design without having to many around you and annoying you by rolling of the table.

Perfectly re-purposed ..... not even re-cycled or up-cycled.

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