Sunday, June 20, 2010


A Young Elephant bull in high grass, nature photography by Chocolat Negro
A young elephant bull

Everything is linked. 
The mental state of being " individual and alone " is an illusion of the mind. There is just one universe and in it everything is linked. 
During life some things and beings are stronger linked in their essence and have a deeper bond than others but everything and everybody is connected.  

My consciousness is and has always been broadened by African landscapes. 
When looking at them I was more capable of being aware of the" linkedness " of everything than usual. Looking at the breathtaking diversity of nature is a personal bridge for me that helps me to be more careful and considerate in my life. Remembering that what I do to someone, I do to myself.

Someone once told me: " When you talk about one thing and mention another that is linked to it then you should talk about the second thing as well ".
I have been talking about Elephant grass. So, here is one young elephant enjoying his life in high African grass. He does not have to try to remember the fact that everything is in connection with each other. He still knows it.

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