Wednesday, June 30, 2010


To work with lace is a beautiful thing.
If the lace is old there is something magical about it. Old lace has often a special smell because usually it has been well protected and well preserved against insects and the teeth of time by it's previous owner considered as something precious and delicate only to be used for certain occasions. 

Sometimes it has not seen the light for years stored away in some chest or box in a dark cupboard, folded and stacked away neatly.
When you remove it from it's shelter it smells of celebrations of the past.  
Hold it against the sunlight and it will start shining and telling you stories ( that's what I think you are by no way obliged to believe it).

These are our cards that are adorned by lace. 
The lace pieces that I find and use are left overs of lace trimmings that have been used for wedding dresses or ball gowns. Often dating back to the Victorian period.
In the picture you see some of our wedding cards and wedding invitations. 
Each space is cut out by hand and the lace is carefully glued in or sewn in depending on the type of card.
For these cards we have used some exquisite pieces of ivory colored lace that were once part of an old wedding veil. Each card is adorned additionally with small beads in different colors.

The structure of lace is very important. Some lace types are as thin and delicate as hair flowing in the wind and others are of a rougher but also striking texture.  

For each lace character the right paper has to be chosen to create something remarkable. To match a material like lace is not easy. 
The old saying " lace with lace only "  has it's truth. 

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