Friday, June 25, 2010


Design and Art are personal and when I create a greeting card I look for things that resonate with me and my experiences. I have found this old German black and white postcard, still blank, in a Junk a shop and immediately it talked to me and a new design idea for one of my cards was born.

And here is the story:

I have beautiful memories of holidays not so long gone, at a time when air-travel was not yet on the menu of our family. 
I remember six adults and two children sharing the space of two cars, a Volkswagen Beetle and a Ford Taunus and " hitting the road " to venture into new and unexplored terrain for weeks.
On the roof racks of the cars suitcases were piling up, not were much different from a Bush-taxi in Mali. The suitcases not only contained clothing and personal belongings, but also linen, feather pillows, blankets, cups and plates and other necessary things to beautify the holidays homes and make them " homely" that had been rented at some coast in some far away country.

Inside the cars where of cause the adults, as well as cooler boxes, filled to the top with dozens of hard boiled eggs, sardines, cookies and cold meat, and stored between the legs of the passengers. 
Tea flasks, cameras, toys, tents, sleeping bags, road maps, hats, sunglasses, towels for the beach and not to forget my grandfather's transistor radio with a truly huge transistor that he held close to his ear. 
My grandfather did not hear very well. No radios in the cars yet.

" And the child can go in the middle !!!!." 

When this exclamation was made it was time to leave. The child was of course me and I was always seated last. I have to say I was a thin child at the time. I had to be a thin child. My little brother had to travel in the other car. 

The travel was slow. But things were observed and looked at. And frequent stops were made to see the beauty at the side of the road.

And so the cars crawled either through the Alpes, made their way through the sunny southern lands of Italy, France, Spain or moved north to countries like Holland, Denmark and Sweden where a lot of fish was to be found in the North Sea and where the beaches were still rough and the water cold. And even Greece and Turkey was not too far.
It took days to get to the destination and often Camping sites where our overnight location.
And Cafe Espresso was just coming into fashion then. 

Here is to great travel and great memories. And Cafe Espresso.

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