Monday, July 5, 2010


My grandfather who did not use many words once said to me :
 " At the end of your life when you want to tell someone about your life IT MUST TAKE MORE THAN HALF AN HOUR".

The " More True Life " vintage montage greeting card is a symbolic creation of work representing our wish and desire for a true and meaningful life. Or since I can not speak for everyone let me say it represents my own personal wish for a true life. It is an ode to my grandfather's words.

It stands for our hope that the years that are given to us will not just pass in monotony until one day at the end of our life we sit on a bench, watching youth with regret and envy, thinking of what we should, would or could have done.

It is a reminder that we can do a lot. And that we have to make us happy. Not should.

Play soccer on the beach or anywhere

Be a friend to someone, enjoy time with friends, be curios, laugh and be happy, love someone and love yourself. Again and again.

And just remember it has to be done now. 

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