Sunday, February 27, 2011


Very often I get asked how my workshop looks like. The area where I work is like my products in constant change and evolution. There was this place behind the kitchen leading down to my workshop. In desperate need of love and tenderness.

I had plenty of old and broken tiles that I had found when moving to the property. Passionate about giving things a second life - that is also the mantra of my business - I started a project of patience and perseverance.

I have always loved mosaic and can not look often enough at the work of Gaudi. The movement and dynamics that the broken pieces reflect forming a complete new unity has fascinated me ever since.

This is the same area today after months of work. 

 It started with the three stairs that you see in the background and it covers today approximately 50 square meters and the project is still in progress.

I have covered not only the outside area but the whole staircase leading down to my workshop and the paper room. I connected with local tiles stores and wholesalers and was given permission to collect  broken tiles whenever I wanted to because the tiles that were in my possession were long finished.

I decided not to choose a pattern or motif but opted for a rather retro 1940's look that I have seen in some Bauhaus style building like my house is as well. It is very dynamic, very moving and looks absolutely stunning when the sun shining through the big trees causes light patches on the stairs that reflect in the mirror pieces of the mosaic. 

This was not completed in a short time but laying the mosaic every day a little bit or at the week-ends became a meditative process.

and taught me to be a little bit more patient.

And since then I have received completely non-expected commissions for similar projects from clients who saw the work at my house. At first I was ready to turn them down because I do not have the time to accomplish the same for my clients at their houses.
But then I thought twice and to trained someone and this has enabled me to create work.

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Michelle L. said...

Absolutely beautiful! Hi, Chocolat, I found this on the Love2Upcycle blog. I am so blown away - what a work of art! Now I am off to see what else you do, and I will check out your etsy shop as well. Nice to meet you! -Michelle


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