Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is a blog about flowers and paper. 
I tell stories about the eternal beauty of flowers and the structure of old fashioned paper. My paper is old fashioned because it is produced and shaped the old fashioned way.

I have always thought that flowers and paper belong together because they are both memory keepers.

On several occasions I have come across a flower pressed between the leaves of an antique or old book that I have bought in a second hand store. When I find it I never take it out, I just leave it where it is as the guardian of  thoughts, thought long time ago.
But their vibration still floating in the universe even if the person is dead.  

I have wild Jasmine growing around the house. I have taken these pictures last spring and made a beautiful set of postcards out of them.
Jasmine is one of the most seductive flowers to me. Fragile and simple it has this overwhelming scent that can not be resisted. A scent that lets you to dream of the things you have not done but would love to do and the things you do not dare to do.  

I leave all doors and each and every window open. The scent perfumes the whole house. Day and Night.

And this print  " Night Jasmine " is the one I love most of this series.
The flowers look beautifully tired of their own sensuality to me.
Like a gorgeous woman saying to her lover : 
" You have looked at me long enough now.
 Let me sleep please".

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