Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am convinced now that one weird thing attracts another.
Having written something about very strange looking caterpillars and how beautiful my workshop and the surrounding area started looking lately - I saw this in the distance yesterday, sitting on my table, when I came down after my morning coffee.

Coming closer and from a different angle it still looked  weird. !!!!!!!

Very very weird.......

So weird that I shot a whole series of photos.  It was showing me a big grin with a mouth where there is simply no mouth. Because there is no opening for a mouth. There can not be a mouth. I touched the place with a little wooden stick. The mouth is below what looks like a mouth.

From the top this sort of unicorn creature does not look much comforting either...

and the tail or end could fall under a label that I really use very seldom - disgusting

In fact as mystical a creature this was, I decided to go for another coffee and come back after a while.

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