Friday, March 18, 2011


When you start something new and from scratch - even if you are doing not bad at all - is it still not easy to accommodate all your needs. My experience is that most of the income that one earns flows back into the young business during the first two years. Only after that it gets a little bit easier. But in many cases it takes even longer to be successful.

My father is my biggest fan and if he could - he is not too good on the internet - and if my mother would not stop him, he would buy each and every new listing of mine. My father is one of the most fascinating people I have ever met and one of my biggest role-models.

When I started my own business three and a half years ago he was excited because I was finally moving towards where my talent lies. And I was doing it for myself.

My father is not only knowledgeable and a true renaissance man but being a curator for two art galleries for many years before he retired he has a feeling for art, beauty and composition that is astounding.
This is one small corner at his home. But let me rather formulate it this way: because of his in-born talent he could create amazing expositions.

The word eclectic must have been created for him. 
I have never met anyone who knows better  how to arrange art-pieces together in such a way that the impression of the "whole" surpasses the beauty of each individual piece.
I could write an entire blog about the life long private collection of my father. For each and every piece he can narrate the exact historical background linked in a time-line with other areas.

And I can say with honesty that many pieces in my house and in my life that I own could carry a sticker saying  " Sponsored by Papa". But of course his humble nature would not allow for such boldness.

When he heard that I wanted to renovate this lovely area and integrate it into my workshop, he said:  " Lets do it ".

And it is not surprising that what I have learned from him I applied on a much smaller level.

Hmm, a very much smaller level.........

With his help I was able to commission someone to build these beautiful walls out of wood from a tree species that is considered an alien invasive tree in South-Africa - The Black Wattle.
I have supported a small business with this job who clears areas where the Black Wattle has taken over and is destroying the indigenous vegetations. The wooden walls are massive 3m x 3,5 m and they were extremely heavy. But by setting up walls made from the wood of this type of tree, instead of cement or glass walls, we have even contributed to preserving our natural vegetation. And it is Africa. The area does not have to be covered completely. The walls give shelter enough and painted white they look really cool.

Thanks to my father many things are happening. And this post is for him.

And that is him when he was younger. One of my favorite pictures of him.
I call it"  in front of the blue door in Tunisia."
That's the way I wanna look at the world, like him in this picture, inquisitive, curious and not fearful at all. 

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